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In the 21st century,


Companies often tout their staff of “creatives.” At Sad Monkey, creativity isn’t a buzzword. We live it every day. We are illustrators and songwriters, painters and music producers, photographers and poets, and we'll put that same artistic passion to work for your business. With Sad Monkey on your side, you can trust that your business will find a true and unique message.




Daniel is a graphic designer and web-developer, who has long been at the center of creative life in West Texas. In the past few years, Daniel has served as creative support for the largest family-owned bank in the United States, toured the Texas music scene, worked as a designer in the sign industry, written and recorded songs for corporations, and designed websites and logos for clients in San Antonio, Fort Worth and Houston. With the formation of Sad Monkey, Daniel has found a way to fold his disparate talents into a single passion.




Angelina has been photographing the High Plains for over ten years, having returned home to Canyon after stints in South Carolina, Phoenix and Austin. In the Panhandle, Angie finds beauty in simplicity and community. In addition to her work in advertising, architectural, landscape and headshot photography, Angie is also a licensed audio engineer and web designer. She believes in traveling the world and bringing back the best of every culture to the Panhandle.


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