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Creating SMART Marketing Goals


Any time of year is perfect for reevaluate your marketing practices — to consider what’s working for you, what’s not, and what should be prioritized. Setting new marketing goals is an essential part of continuing to grow your business. Just like a shark, or a writer after their third cup of coffee, you have to keep moving forward to be successful. At a time when we all have new plans on our minds, we’ll look at two goals you can work toward in the near future.


We’ve all been part of a team where our goals were poorly defined or unrealistic. There may have even been a time where you did everything you committed to do, but there was no way to know if your efforts paid off. This type of environment frustrates everyone, but you can change your approach.

There’s a good chance you’ve heard of SMART goals, credited to George T. Doran. This set of criteria help you create goals that work. The SMART acronym stands for creating goals that are:

  • Specific – focus on a particular area.

  • Measurable – success can be determined.

  • Assignable – someone is responsible for taking action.

  • Realistic – takes into account time and resources.

  • Time-related – set a date for when the task is completed.

While these may sound obvious, we all know the challenge of remembering to implement this philosophy every day. But you’ll quickly realize that intentionally creating SMART goals can transform the culture of your workplace. 

For example, instead of setting the goal “Put a video online,” you could say, “I’m responsible for contacting Sad Monkey Media to create a viral video for my company, and I’ll do so by the end of the day.” That’s specific and realistic, and you know when it will happen. By keeping these details in mind, you’ll find yourself consistently and successfully reaching your goals.

Let’s look at a few simple goals you can prioritize to reach SMART marketing goals for your own business.

Establish Your Web Presence

The most affordable and effective way to reach most customers is through the internet. A smart business uses an assortment of tools to reach people, but every toolbox should include a business website. If someone searches for your business online and can’t find it, hoping they’ll continue to seek you out is asking for too much.

Having your own site puts you in charge. When someone googles your business, you want to control what they see. If your search terms take the user to a third-party website, you’re depending on someone else to direct customers to you. Unless that third-party benefits from pointing people in your direction, there’s no incentive for them to help you. But if you take the reins and create a website using good SEO (Search Engine Optimization), you’ll be connecting with customers from the very start.

Having a quality website is the first step, and it allows people to find you. But how do you reach out to people who don’t know to look for you? Part of establishing your online presence is using social media to your advantage, and engage with new customers in their own element. 

The world of social media can be intimidating. There are so many options, and it’s difficult to know which platforms will be most effective for your business. By consulting with a creative agency like Sad Monkey Media, you can find the most beneficial social media sites for your business. We can also create content for your social media, because the key to effective social media outreach is consistently creating quality content. If you want to engage with customers online, but your time is better spent running your business, a company like Sad Monkey Media is the answer.

Clean Up Legacy Content

Speaking of your online presence, there’s something else to take into account. When you’ve led a company for a long time, or you acquired a business that’s been around a while, there’s probably web content about your business, floating around online. You wouldn’t want someone googling your name to find your old Myspace page, and you don’t want someone looking for your business finding only old content.

As the internet matures, it will be filled with more and more irrelevant information. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve googled the location of a business, and the top result displays an outdated street address. Many businesses have social media pages that are no longer updated, and they direct people to websites that no longer exist. These problems make it look like you’re no longer in operation, and that’s the last thing you want. If someone finds you online, make sure nothing blocks them from becoming a customer. 

Don’t let dust settle on your online content. Every quarter, check your profile information on search engines and popular sites to make sure it’s fresh and up to date. If a particular social media site has run its course, back up your content and move to greener pastures. If there’s an old link out there that still brings you traffic, have your web designer set up a redirect to your current offerings. 

Sometimes your business has an old website or social media account that you’ve lost access to. This can happen because of a transition, or perhaps the log-in information has been lost. Either way, it’s not the end of the world. If you still have access to the email associated with the account, you can do a password recovery. Sometimes even that information can be forgotten, which makes the task more difficult. Some platforms, like WordPress and Facebook, won’t allow you to access or delete a page without the right credentials, and it’s difficult to reach someone with the ability to give you access. If there’s old content you just can’t remove, don’t lose hope. By practicing good SEO with your current website, and continuing to create quality content to be shared by your audience, old content will get pushed farther and farther down in the search results. 

One of the benefits of partnering with a creative agency is that someone can handle these responsibilities for you. By keeping on top of content old and new, you’ll benefit from increased visibility and increased engagement with your audience.

Remember to Follow Through

Just like New Year’s resolutions, your goals will only be effective if you follow through. Make the decision today to set smart marketing goals to continue engaging with your customers and expanding your business. 

No one expects you to do it all yourself. When you need marketing solutions, Sad Monkey has the infrastructure already in place. With our creative and experienced team, we can help you achieve your SMART goal of reaching the top of the search ranking. That’s a goal that’s measurable and realistic, and we’d be thrilled if you assigned it to us. Contact us today, and find out what Sad Monkey can accomplish for you.