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This isn’t marketing. It’s a movement.

Some years ago, I was watching Bill Maher perform his monologue on HBO when he mentioned the wildfires that were currently devastating West Texas. His punchline: “The fires have not yet reached Amarillo. But then, what has?”

I’ll admit I laughed along with the studio audience. But my chuckle was the kind you give when someone points out a truth that hurts.

There’s a reason many of us live out here on the edge of the world. It’s the same reason that I came back here after living in the center of the universe, New York City. We love the emptiness, the wild wide open of it all. But in some sense Bill Maher was right. All this emptiness means that we feel separated from the world. And all too often, that means we settle.

We settle for dull and uninspired. We settle for “good enough.” We settle for less than exquisite.

It doesn’t have to be this way.


I want to introduce you to Sad Monkey Media, a new kind of company for the High Plains. Sad Monkey was founded after graphic-designer Daniel Davis and I had a conversation about the immense possibility out here on the High Plains. We discussed how all this open space should fuel creativity, not stifle it. We wanted a more beautiful world for ourselves and our children. And we decided to do something about it.

Sad Monkey is a media and marketing company, yes. But it’s so much more than that. It’s an engine for change. It’s a catalyst for creativity. And it’s a line in the sand. No longer will we settle for “good enough” on the High Plains. We are descended of pioneers and artisans and trailblazers. Our forefathers and foremothers fought brutal winds and hostile climates to settle here. And we’re not going to let them down. Their legacy deserves better.

It’s time imagination became the driving force behind all we do. We want to live in a land where creativity is no longer an afterthought. Daniel Davis, my business partner, isn’t just a logo designer and web developer. He’s also a songwriter who takes time away from work to entertain the good people at the Golden Light Cantina. And I’m not just an adman and web copywriter. I’m also a crime novelist and a journalist and a former professional comedian. And that’s the kind of team we’re building: creators and dreamers of all races and creeds. Because out here on the plains, we’ve got room for every kind of idea.  

At Sad Monkey, we’ve made a pledge to only work on projects that will improve existence on the High Plains. And we’ve got some game-changing side projects in the works that could make a big difference in the daily lives of all of you fine folks out here on the flatlands.

Our people.

We’re glad you’re here. Check this blog every week to find out what’s happening with Sad Monkey. This will also be a home for all kinds of creative ideas, hatched by people like you. Let’s make something happen together. Even if it were true that “nothing reaches Amarillo,” it wouldn’t matter. We’ve got the brains and the skills and the integrity to build a dreamland for ourselves, right here on the prairie.



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