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10 Reasons Customers Think You’re Out of Business


10 Reasons Customers Think You’re Out of Business

 There’s a statement every business owner dreads: “I didn’t know you were still around.” When you’ve invested time and resources into making a great business, the last thing you want is for people to think you’ve closed up shop. How do you make sure everyone knows you’re still kicking?

Here are 10 reasons customers might think you’ve gone belly up. Sure, people might overlook one or two, but as they build up, they’ll look elsewhere. Fortunately, every one of these problems has a solution, and we’ll share them below. So, avoid the risk and make sure your business isn’t making these mistakes.



1. Broken Sign or Peeling Vinyl

With the hail and wind in the Texas Panhandle, we’re no strangers to damaged storefronts. A shabby exterior is always a turnoff, and it could cost you customers. Someone might be unable to read your hours of operation, or the ragged state of your signage might lead them to assume you’re closed for good. Repairing or replacing signs should be a priority for every business.

Sad Monkey Media specializes in curb appeal. Not only do we design incredible signs, our team understands the ins and outs manufacturing them and maneuvering through the City of Amarillo’s red tape. We’d love to turn your business into a West Texas landmark with an eye-catching sign.

And if you need a new vinyl logo and store hours for your front door or window, then you’re in luck. We’re currently running a special: For only $124, we’ll create and install a fresh vinyl logo and hours for the front of your store. To learn more, contact us here or call 806-221-3123. This deal is only good for March, so act fast!


2. Dusty Social Media

As the internet gets older, it will continue to fill up with forgotten social media accounts. While these details of 21st-century life may interest future historians, it creates a real problem for businesses and their customers. Users often connect with businesses through social media, but what happens if they find an account with no updates or, just as bad, an account that hasn’t been updated in several years?

If you let dust settle on your social media, it will look like a big “Out of Business” sign to browsers. It’s tempting to sign up for the hot new social media platform the moment it appears, but if you make one “Hello World” post and then let it lie dormant, it will look like your business is only of interest to those future historians.

Part of the problem comes from the difficulty in accessing old accounts to keep them current. Social media sites are notorious for their difficult customer service, so you can’t count on their help. Make sure that you have a way to store log-in credentials. As long as you know which email address is associated with your social media accounts — and you still access that email account — you’ll be able to do a password reset.

While social media is important to connect with current and future customers, keeping everything updated may not be the most valuable use of your time. Creative agencies like Sad Monkey Media understand the importance of keeping your social media active with engaging content. If you’re interested in professional social media management, contact us to get started.


3. Outdated Website

If your website makes people nostalgic for 1998, you have a problem. When a potential customer arrives at your website and finds an old design, or even just outdated “News” items, they make several assumptions about your business. First, that you aren’t concerned with how your present yourself. Second, that you don’t prioritize the customer experience. And third, they’ll wonder if the reason you don’t update your website is because you’re no longer around.

All of those statements are inaccurate, but you have to admit, it’s what you might think in their place. There are many reasons you could be using an outdated homepage. Perhaps you’ve felt other matters were more urgent, or you figure, “Why fix what isn’t broken?” But keeping your website current is essential. Not only will users stop making false assumptions, website design has come a long way. Newer sites are more intuitive, making it easier for potential customers to find their way around – and make purchases.

The idea of creating a new website can be intimidating, but there are resources available to make it easier. And there are agencies like Sad Monkey Media who would love to design the website your business deserves.


4. Dead Links

Dead links are frustrating for everyone involved. The customer doesn’t get what they want, and the business misses out on a potential sale. If someone clicks on a link to your website that doesn’t go anywhere, your website might as well not exist for that person. They may even assume that your business has closed its doors.

Fortunately there are solutions. You can create redirects for old links within your website, which send someone to the page that you want. These are especially important if you change your main website domain. Even if the old website doesn’t exist in any form, you should hang onto the old domain so you can redirect to your current one.

And for when something goes wrong, make sure your 404 page gives users a way to get back on track. Instead of the stock error page, create a resource that helps lost customers find what they want. Like everything on your website, even your 404 page should direct the customer to make a purchase.


5. Wrong Address or Phone Number

There are numerous reasons a business changes its physical location, and many of them are positive. But you don’t want the excitement of a new store or office to cost you customers. If a person dials a disconnected line or drives to an empty building, you’ll convince them your business is long gone.

Back in the days of the yellow pages, it was challenging to let customers know you’d moved. Now it’s a matter of updating your website and social media profiles. The most effective way to make sure Google always displays the right details is to create a Google My Business account, which allows you to keep all your contact information current. Finally, be sure to search your old address extensively with multiple search engines to find where it’s listed incorrectly, and make sure to keep your information updated in all business directories.


6. Forgotten Blog

Blogs continue to prove themselves a valuable method of engaging with your audience. People love to share valuable information, and blogs give search engines something solid to latch onto. You can’t beat blogs as a cost-effective way to share quality long-form content. We recommend blogging about current events, but the best blogs also post evergreen content, which will stay available and helpful for years to come.

Like anything else, blogs only benefit your business if you keep them current. Finding something new to say can be challenging and time consuming. That’s why Sad Monkey Media offers blogging as a valuable service. Our team creates the kind of content that people connect with and share with their friends. If you’d like all the benefits of a blog with none of the hassle, contact us for more information.


7. Broken Online Store or Food Menu

When a person arrives on your website, they’re well on their way to being a customer. Make sure nothing stands in the way of completing that process. They know what they want, and they’re giving you ample opportunity to prove you’re the best option.

An out-of-date online storefront will send them to your competitors. This can mean dead links, outdated information, or a store where everything is sold out. Even if you make most of your sales offline, you want to make sure they know the product is current and available. And if you are sold out, make sure there’s always an option to preorder or purchase a different product.

For restaurants, the equivalent is a missing menu. When you serve food, many people come to your website for your menu. Don’t make them search for a photocopied PDF on a third-party site. Make your menu prominent, attractive, and easy to browse. If your restaurant features specials or seasonal items, consistently keep them updated.


8. A Newsletter That Never Arrives

Emails are worth their weight in digital gold. When people come to your website or purchase your services, make sure you give them the opportunity to join your mailing list. Customers who opt-in for a newsletter give you an open invitation to keep them informed of new products, upcoming events, and special offers.

If someone signs up for your newsletter and it stops arriving, or if it never arrives at all, you’ve broken a social contract. They committed to receive something that doesn’t show up. This breach of trust may feel small, but it’s important to remember that these are the customers who want to hear from you the most. Whether you create your own newsletter or ask professionals to manage it for you, the keys to success are consistency and quality.


9. No Search Results

Most people understand the importance of search ranking for their business. According to a study by Advanced Web Ranking, the majority of users only look at the first page of search results. For businesses who connect with customers through their website, SEO (search engine optimization) should be a priority to reach success.

But what if you don’t make your sales online? Even if your sales are all made in person, your search rank still matters. If a potential customer decides to search for you on Google and comes up empty, you might as well not exist. Unless you run a spy agency, that’s a terrible sign.

To optimize your search rank, you need to stay aware of the latest SEO trends and best practices. If you’d rather spend that time growing your business, you can hire a marketing agency like Sad Monkey Media. We know the tricks to help your business climb those search rankings. If you’d like our team to optimize your website, contact us today.



10. Unseen and Unheard

It all comes down to a simple fact: If you’re out of sight, you’re out of mind. You must actively engage with your customers, or they’ll move on. With competing information pulling them in every direction, you have to work that much harder to capture their attention.

A well-rounded marketing approach will help your business succeed, and Sad Monkey Media would love to help. Through a mix of proven and innovative marketing strategies, we’ll engage with your audience, so you can focus on growing your business. We’d love to help you retain current customers and welcome new ones into the fold, all for less than the cost of one full-time employee.

We’d love the opportunity to hear about your business. Contact us to schedule a free branding consultation, and we’ll find out what Sad Monkey Media can do for you.

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